I moved in a little over two years ago. I figured it was time to post these professional pics of the finished house (even though these pics are a year old too)

entrance with bike hanging from the stairs

foot wallpaper on wardrobe/shoe closet


and up we go

up another floor

and then finally, top floor



pics here

I moved in the day after the Christmas. It’s still not finished but it’s good enough to live in.

Because people have been nagging…pic spam BP (=before paint)

View from the front door. Door on the left is the toilet. Notice there’s no door frame. No frame, no visible hinges, very expensive.

Turning right would take you to the kitchen, moving forward takes you to the dining room.


looking up from the dining room

so now we take the stairs to the 1st floor

Lights in the steel beams (the red thingie on the ceiling is a smoke detector)

as long as builders/painters/blumbers have to come to the house, I’m leaving the cardboard on the stairs

the stairs take us to the living room

same angle, different lighting

view towards dining area below

with the reflection in the window

and up we go to the 2nd floor. Peek into the living room from the stairs.

view from the top of the stairs

2nd floor (doors with door frames and visible hinges, not so expensive)

one of the two smaller rooms

and then up we go another flight of stairs to the top floor with the bathroom

no mirror yet, but I do have ducks!


For those who can’t read what it says: Tine thuis= Tine home. Tine slaapt= Tine asleep. I push the latter before going to bed and all lights in the house are switched off, ventilation goes to night speed, ditto for heating, stand by switches (for TV etc) are switched off.


next update: most likely AP

I got to open so many boxes with new cool things in them this last week. Christmas came a week early (and I kind of have to pay for it all myself, but never mind). All my kitchen appliances were delivered this week: fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven, induction stove. Also have my new dryer (condensation as opposed to the old one which needed an air outlet). And then the plumber finished my bathroom. More boxes with taps, toilets and sinks.

Warning: all the following pics show an incredibly dirty house. Tomorrow’s the big clean-up. The black tiles will eventually look black.

Toilet downstairs

Toilet upstairs

Yes, I’ll have fun shopping for red and green toilet soap pumps, toilet brushes, towels, etc.

Shower,  matching the toilet seat.


Bathroom sink (mirror has been ordered + I plan on changing the white socket to a black one)

The snow on my skylight refuses to melt (that’s a good sign!).

technical room with heat pump boiler on the left (I have hot water, yay!) and gigantic ventilation unit on the right. You can’t really tell on the pic but it really is pretty huge (not yet connected, that’s one of the few things that still need to be done).

Then yesterday, the kitchen worktop was installed (composite stone). My father and I spent the last weekend putting together all the drawers for the kitchen cabinets (which will be used for more than just the kitchen). My father thinks it looks like a laboratory. But that’ll change when it’s got a more moved in look.

Kitchen sink

looooong worktop

view towards the kitchen area: the fronts/doors for the fridge, freezer and dishwasher still need to be installed. And my oven is currently resting on the floor.

finally, a few stair pics when we removed the cardboard from the stairs


move-in date: 26-12-2010!

This week the electrician finished the electrical installation. We still need to program the different ligth switches. Currently there’s one switch that switches all lights on or all lights off. With the home domotics system, you have to program the different switches so that they know what lights should go on or off. I think I’ll have a lot of fun with it. I’ll be able to use my iphone as well to switch lights on and off, to control the heating and ventilation. So I’ll be able to switch on the heating from a distance so that the house is nice and warm by the time I get home.

Home domotics means a lot of wires. This is just one out of two. The red box is for the photovoltaics. They’ll be connected on Monday so from then on they’ll finally start producing electricity.

Touch panel for the domotics system. I can control lights, heating, ventilation, etc. on this one panel. I have a second identical panel in the bathroom.

door post

And we started putting up a few lighting fixtures. This is in the kitchen. It’s a new type of TL lamp, with the fitting on the side of the lamp instead of at both ends. This way you can leave the lamp bare and get a straight line of light.

with the light switched on

so far we put just one TL light in each beam, for testing. Eventually, I’ll have lights along the whole length of the beams. But you can start seeing the effect of the lights in the beams. For the full effect, I must wait until I’ve put them all up and have removed the plastic and cardboard from the stairs.

finally, the bathroom is also starting to look half finished. I now have a bath, tiles have been put up (next week: floor of the shower + grouting)

and for a touch of zen in the bathroom: RGB LED lights!

The house is slowly but surely starting to look finished. All the drywall is up, the doors have been installed, I have floors everywhere. Next week: bathroom tiles + electricity. Week after that: final plumbing. Then painting and ta dam…

And I got to take pics during daytime.

Let’s start at the top: main bedroom, looking towards to doors of the bathoom (left) en toilet (front)

You can’t really see the floors because of the white cardboard on top.

You can see part of the headrest behind the bed. I’m going to put lights in on the top, that’ll cast light onto the white wall. I’ll either paint or wallpaper it.

I have no pics of the second floor, but there’s not that much to see there, just floors and doors.

Let’s go down two flights of stairs

You can peek into the living room on the right. At the bottom, you can still see the temporary beams for the temporary floor that still hasn’t been removed. You pretty much have to crawl at the bottom of the steps in order to get underneath. Many have bumped their head. I suppose Rudi (one of the carpenters) must have hit his head several times.

“Watch out Rudi”

Same stairs, view from the bottom. I’m going to put TL lights in the steel beams. The wall on the right is going to be painted black from top to bottom.

View from the living room towards the stairs. With the back wall painted black, the contrast will be bigger.

Living room with IKEA bookcases built in (and my furniture piled up underneath old sheets)

A sneek peek of the floor underneath the white cardboard

And then down to the bottom floor. View towards the kitchen.

View towards the entrance

View from the entrance (the toilet needs a door)

View when you walk out the toilet

That’s it for now. The end is in sight.


The past week and half, there’s been quite a bit of activity on site.

First of all: putting up drywall on the side walls. This pic is from last week. The walls are now all done. It’s getting difficult to take decent pics as it’s nearly always dark by the time I can inspect the work.

Ceiling is also done

The structure is ready for the floor boards. This is where I’m deviating from how it’s usually done. Usually, about 6cm of screed is poured on top of the concrete floor (= type of light concrete) to cover all the piping and to create a flat surface. Tiles, wood, etc. is then installed on top. But because I like the way a traditional wooden floor sounds and behaves, I wanted a floating wooden floor. The technical room will have screed though as there are way too many pipes there.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the central block of cupboards has been installed. The block separates the kitchen from the hallway.  This is the kitchen side.

and this is the entryway side with coat closet, shoe closet, etc. This side is unfinished MDF at the moment. The plan is to either paint it or wallpaper it with a large photograph.

… I decided to check out the brand new city museum. It’s got a scale model of the city.

But look! It’s not up to date! My house is missing.

I noticed another couple taking a picture of the exact same area. And so I got to meet some other future neighbours 🙂

The solar panels are up! 11 panels (12 wasn’t possible because of ventilation pipe that’s in the way) that’ll generate approx. 2500 kWh/ year. This will compensate my entire heat demand and more.

The panels aren’t integrated into the roof as that would lower the efficiency. Because of the space between the panels and the roof, air can circulate and cool the panels. Solar panels generate less electricity when they get too hot. I should get the most electricity in May, rather than June or July.

View from a distance. It gets dark rather early nowadays, it’s hard to take pictures.

Last week, they poured the concrete floor downstairs. That’s the actual finished floor. It needs to be cleaned of course but I have to wait a few weeks before using any cleaning products on it as it would damage to protective curing layer on top.

After pouring the concrete, they polish the floor and add the colouring. It may look pretty black right now, it’s actually a very dark gray.


And now that I have a floor downstairs, everything else can be finished. There’s still a whole lot to do for the carpenter. Drywall against the side walls, drywall against the roof, wooden floors on the other floors, doors, etc.

And by special request: more pics of the finished plasterwork.

No need to plaster around the doors as the door frames will cover that.

The plaster is actually sprayed on to the walls, then spread out evenly.

detail around the window.

Electricians and plumbers first cut into the wall, then it’s all plastered over.

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