About a year ago, I started house hunting. Though I love my current apartment, it’s time to move on to another place. I’m running out of space, I’m getting annoyed at the common costs typical for an apartment building. I pay as much electricity for the common areas as I do for my own apartment. As much as I try to save energy, there’s a limit to it as I have no control over what my neighbours do. Add to that the fact that I was seriously itching to build/renovate something myself…

At first, I looked for places outside the city because it’s a lot cheaper there. But I soon realised that I love this city too much and would rather stay. I was looking at row houses with a bit of character , that still need some work.  I didn’t want a big garden as I can’t even keep my terrace plants alive. But then I came across this tiny plot of land for sale. I soon realised its potential and bought it. So instead of renovating a house as I had expecting, I’ll actually build a completely new one.

With a new one, I can go all out when it comes to energy efficiency. So I’ve decided to make it a passive house. 

The purpose of this blog is to allow friends and family to follow the progress of the design and construction.