Things may seem a little quiet, but I’m actually very busy working on the house. There’s just so much to do before the actual start of the construction. I got a price offer for the foundations, steel structure and concrete floors and it’s within my budget. So that’s the first builder that is set. The structural plans are all done and sent to the builder who’s now making the execution details for the steel structure (and should be ordering all the other things as well). Then we can talk about when he can actually start building.

I’m waiting for price offers for the timber structure that’s going to envelop the steel structure. I’ve also asked for prices for the windows. These are special windows (passive house window frames and triple glazing) so there are not that many who make them. Now I need to finish all the drawings and specs for the roof and for the interior so I can get more price offers. Then kitchen, central heating and ventilation and plumbing, electricity, bathroom….there’s still a lot I need to work out in detail.

Meanwhile, I went to the city to ask for a house number. Currently, my plot hasn’t got a number. It’s between numbers 13 and 15. I looked online to see what I had to do to get a number, printed a plan of the street with my plot and the neighbouring plots and numbers and went to the administrative centre. The guy behind the desk looked at his computer, looked at the house numbers in the street and said it might be difficult as number 14 is already taken. Then he went on, “oh, but I see number 12 is available. So it’ll probably be 12 then.” I gave him  a John McEnroe imitation ” You cannot be serious” look. I mentioned 13b as the most logical number. He said they may change all the house numbers in the street. I hope that doesn’t happen, I don’t want to put my neighbours through that. I’m perfectly happy with 13b. But anyway, the person actually in charge to house numbers was sick the whole week so I am to call back next week.

I also filled in the forms online to get connected to electricity and gas. You have to fill in all sorts to things, send a floor plan, etc. When you fill in the address, there’s the option “no house number known as yet” and you can fill in the nearest house number. Now I got two letters in the mail (snail mail), one for electricity, one for gas, saying that as yet, they can’t give me a price offer to make the connection as there’s no house number yet. I need to give them the official house number within 3 weeks time or they’ll cancel the process. Why do they have that option online then? Why don’t they just put that online, that as long as you don’t have a house number, you can’t get a connection? It would save a lot of unnecessary paperwork. No wonder they always charge so much.

The plans have changed a little (overall volume and shape obviously remains unchanged), I’ve moved the staircase and made a few other small changes. I’ll put new plans up soon.