I’ve changed the design a little as there were things that weren’t quite right in the previous version. I wasn’t happy with the entrance, felt it was too narrow. I need space to put my bike and other stuff. To solve this, I had to move the staircase. I turned it around and let the stairs start in the dining area. The stairs continue further up to the second floor.

Another thing I changed is the bathroom on the top floor. It’s now a separate room and not part of the main bedroom. This way I don’t need a 2nd bathroom and can use that room fully as a laundry/ boiler room.

I also decided not to have a cellar. Originally, I had planned on a small cellar to use as pantry and for all the metres (gas, electricity, water). The stairs to the cellar were under the other stairs. Both neighbours have cellars so that’s why I thought putting in a cellar myself would be feasable. But in the end, I realised my cellar would probably end up being a bit lower than the neighbour’s cellar. And then it gets tricky, foundation wise. I feared the costs would be getting too high. And then I found out they don’t want you to put any of your metres in a cellar anyway. So the cellar is gone. Where the stairs were to the cellar, I’ve now put the guest toilet. I don’t have a walk in pantry, but I’ll have 3metres of full height cupboard space to use as pantry. That should be enough.

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