Some preparation work was being done today. Preparation actually being all of the digging.

Ironically, this is actually the trickiest part of the whole building process since we had to dig pretty close to the neighbours’ foundations.

Here the digger is lifting the sewage tank (not an actual septic tank) to have it put in place.

Both sewage tank as well as rainwater tank put in place. When I first saw the two tanks on site, I got a little scared, wondered how on earth those tanks would fit into that tiny little space at the back. But it all worked out okay.
A rainwater tank is compulsory here for every new building (and new addition to a building). I’ll be using the rainwater to flush the toilets and for laundry. I wish I could have used it for everything, showering, etc. like I’m used to at home, but I fear I simply won’t have enough rain water for it, as my roof surface is rather limited. This is why the tank isn’t too big, only 3000l (sewage tank is 2000l. They may look the same size at first sight but the tank in the back is actually bigger).

And then the excess soil was removed, the site cleaned up. So now it’s ready to install the sewage pipes on monday and get everything set up for the concrete floor slab.

And the day was finished off by putting up the barriers and container. It’s now officially a construction site.