Nothing is happening on site at the moment. Construction will continue on Monday. The reason: there’s a slight delay in the delivery of the concrete floor slabs. That’s to be expected, I suppose, when you ask for custom made things.

I plan on leaving the concrete ceilings visible, no plaster. As it’s going to be visible, I want the concrete to look nice. I’ve always loved the look of concrete floors that were poured onto a wooden formwork. I love how you can see the imprint of the wood.

Like here:

These days however, it’s very expensive to have in-situ slabs. Most concrete floors are made by pre-cast concrete formwork elements, two inches thick. The reinforcement steel comes on top, then the rest of the concrete. The surface is usually smooth (and not that attractive to look at).

As we know the boss of a company that makes these pre-cast elements, I thought I’d ask if they’d be willing to put wood onto the mould. They agreed to it for me. There were a few problems when they were trying to lift the elements from the mould, as wood sticks more to the concrete. But it must have worked out in the end (or else they would have contacted me again), though with a slight delay.

I’m dying to see the result.