I ordered my windows two days ago. Normally, you don’t order windows until after you’ve measured all the window openings on site, but as there’s a 8 week wait for them to be delivered, I’m doing it the other way around. I’ve ordered my windows now and I’ll have to check closely that the window openings are exactly as on plan. There aren’t that many different windows anyway so I figured I’d take the risk. I would like the house to be wind- and watertight before the construction holiday. Construction halts for three weeks in July every summer. I’m hoping to do a bit of work myself in the house while no construction is going on. I’ll do the vabour barriers myself, perhaps a bit of the electricity.

So triple glazing it is. And wood/aluminium frames with insulation. I get the wood on the inside and with aluminium on the outside it means there’s no maintenace.