We’re almost at the top!

Lifting the prefab concrete floor slabs into place….the very last concrete floor!

Now that the third floor is up, the difference in ceiling height is very obvious. I choose to use normal ceiling height for the bedrooms (third floor – or second floor, depending on how you look at it), but opted for far higher ceilings in the living areas. I want to make up for the lack of width and depth by going a bit higher.

Top floor

Unlike the first two floors, the third floor (or second) actually has walls and rooms. People often joke that architects don’t have doors or walls in their own house, it’s all open plan. It’s true for the first two floors but not for the third. There are two bedrooms there + laundry/technical room.

front bedroom (room will look larger once the walls have been plastered)

bedroom at the back

laundry room

view from top to bottom

meanwhile, work on the facade has also started

You see a bit of the insulation as well. We’re protecting it from the rain as it’s sensitive to water. I’ll put extra insulation in between that last bit between the facade brick and the inner brick.