I have a roof and it looks blue.

The carpenter’s finished the roof on Monday. You can barely see it from below. On top of the wooden I-beams, I’ve had 2cm wood fibred insulation boards installed. On top of that is a blue water barrier (but vapour permeable). That’s more than sufficient to protect the house against the wind and rain for a couple of weeks.

It’s very important that the outside of your structure is vapour permeable, while the inside barrier blocks the vapour. In our climate, it’s more humid indoors than outside. When the outside is vapour tight, you risk condensation in your structure.

look from the inside. I’m going to put up a vapour barrier (to make it airtight) at the bottom. I’ve had a few strips placed between the steel beams and wooden structure so it should be easy to make everything airtight. The space in between is going to be filled with insulation.

And this weekend is the start of the construction holiday. For three weeks, there won’t be any builders on site as they’re all on holiday. The next time I’ll have builders on site will be in August. August should bring my windows and roof tiles.

I’d had the tiles itself ordered before the tower crane was removed so that the crane could be used to lift them to the top. I opted not to go for the nicer looking flat tiles, as you can barely see the roof anyway. For that height, I felt it was more important to go for the tiles that close on the sides as well, that are better protected against wind. So I’m going for the most common traditonal tile. I think the colour matches the brick well.