The sounds you currently here on site are basically: drip drip drip. My house is a sieve. I give up.

The plastic on the lower platform held up. It’s currently a nice pool, will need a sump pump to get the water out. The one on the upper platform held for a few weeks until today (or last night). The walls in the bedroom underneath my future balcony are once again soaking wet. The water keeps dripping.

I decided to remove the plastic, but first I had to get all the water out. The builders managed to make a sewage pipe long enough so that it would reach the platform and I could empty the buckets of water in it (and straight to the rainwater tank). I think I filled about 30 buckets. I figured I’d leave the concrete to dry for a bit, was going to put a better tarp on tonight. But then it started pouring and it basically rained all afternoon, with nothing to cover the platform. Argh!

All this just when work was to restart in earnest. The carpenter was to start placing the windows on Wednesday but now I fear I’ll have to push that back. They can’t put a window in an opening with water constantly dripping. But the plumber who’ll do the roof won’t start until August 16th.

Today, the builders finished the threshold, al ready for the windows to be installed. I didn’t want porous brick all the way to the bottom, preferred to have a bit of natural stone there. (BTW, what’s the proper English term for it? Skirting boards only refers to the inside, I guess, not outside. )

I also decided to check whether the space I’d left in the brickwork for the letterbox is large enough. And behold…perfect fit!

I’ll have to open it from the outside, not the inside, as there was no way I’d manage to get that airtight. You can just hang a letterbox on your façade, but you need to get a permit for it as technically, you’re taking up public space. I decided not to bother with permits, etc. and just have it built in. It looks better too.