Today the roofers finished the two flat roofs (finished the edges, installed the draining pipes).

And…the windows are here!

Here’s the truck delivering my windows.

The smaller windows came with the glass already installed. They’re wood/aluminium window frames. The inside is wood (better thermal qualities, nice to look at too), the outside aluminium (unlike with wood, no maintenance). Between the wood and the aluminium is insulation.

detail of the window. On site, they attached wooden frames/sideboards. The windows are then put in place with the frames. On those frames, I can then glue some vapour/air barriers to make the overall construction airtight. The green stuff on the window is the glue before they screw the wooden sideboards on. The blue is the insulation.

A finished window.

Lifting it to the top floor

Two more windows, ready to be installed tomorrow.

Triple glazing

The bigger windows came without the glass. The glass will be installed next week. That’s going to be something. Triple glazing isn’t exactly light.

Here they are, assembling the frames.

It looks a lot bigger in reality than in this picture.

And in case you wondered how thick triple glazing is: 4cm (1.57″)