This week the roofers continued work on the roof and plumbing. The front part is almost done.

It’s lovely to see the skylight from the inside. This is the view up from my future shower. Once the walls and ceilings are white, it’ll look a lot clearer. But I can already see now that it’s going to be lovely to shower in the morning, watching the sky above and be bathed in sunlight.

The roofers have been doing a brilliant job. It’s not that easy at that height. The joint between my roof and that of the neighbours isn’t that easy either. The slope of the roof of the neighbour on the left is different as the roof on the right. So I couldn’t just follow the roofline of one neighour. I decided to make sure my roofline would stick out on both sides over both neighbours, so that it’s easier to make it all waterproof.

However, there’s that tiny little pet peeve of mine. Case in point:

The roof tiles all rest on a wood batten and another tile…Except for the bottom row. There, the tiles only rest on a batten, not on another tile. As a result, you often see that the bottom row tilts downwards. I hate that. They have to double the battens underneath the bottom row so that the slope of the bottom row is identical to that of the other tiles.

Now, here in my case, the batten on the bottom row is installed slightly higher than in other places. Also,the roof underlay tilts a little bit upwards there because of the gutter. But still. You can see a slight tilt.

However, as it’s only a slight tilt, and there’s no way anyone will ever notice, I decided to leave it.

I mean, this is the view from the street, it’s not as if you can see the tiles that clearly.

However, there’s another problem that’s popped up. The second skylight doesn’t fit. They opening that was left for the skylight is too narrow. The carpenters have to come back to widen it and who knows when they’ll find the time.