All the windows are installed (have been for a week). This means that I now need a key to get in. It felt special, receiving the keys to my house.

The parts between the windows will insulated and get a aluminium cover (same colour as windows). They had to install the windows first, then measure everything. So it’s going to be another couple of weeks.

5 men were needed to install the glass panes as they’re so heavy. One broke during transport so there’s one window that’s now boarded up (back, 1st floor).

The windows are beautiful. I’m very happy that they’re paying attention to details. E.g. notice the extra plywood next to the window frame. That’s only on the side of the hinges so that when the walls are plastered, the hinges aren’t plastered in. (the smaller windows have hidden hinges BTW. It’s only the high windows that have visible hinges as those windows are so heavy, they need strong hinges).

The detail below is also typical for passive house windows. There’s an extra rubber/threshold there to make the door air tight.

Now that all the windows have been installed, the house is officially wind- and watertight. I used this week to work on the airtightness, taping off the window frames.

and putting up the vapour barrier

bathroom is almost done as well

Today, the first builders (bricklayers, etc.) finished their part. Rainwater tank and septic tank have got a lid, soil has been added in the little patio at the back.

Unfortunately, they left a bit of a mess

I’ve been doing a lot of sweeping this past week.