What I did today: real DIY, as in Do it completely alone, without any help at all.

I installed the floor for my little attic space, put up the beams (which I’d varnished last month) and the wood fibre boards (painted them last month as well). I used my father’s electrical saw to cut the boards to size (don’t worry, I’m a woman, I read the manual first). The toughest part of all, was getting those heavy 2.4 x 0.6 m2 wood fibre boards up 4 flights of ladders….alone!

Yup…up there, all the way up.

I admit, it’s a bit insane. But it had to be done. I didn’t want to wait until someone could help me with it as I have no idea when it would have been done then. And it would hold up everything else.

Ironically, the reason the boards hadn’t been yet been brought to the top floor was because my father felt we needed a third person to get them up there.

I feel quite proud of the result.