The outside of the house is pretty much done. The roof is entirely finished – last skylight installed, all the gutters and pipes, etc are done. All that is left to do on the outside is the bits between the windows, solar blinds at the back, safety barriers on my balcony and eventually, the screen at the front to provide some privacy (but still let in light). With the roofs finished, the scaffolding could go and now you can truly see the house.

So now the work focusses mainly on the inside. Last week, the side walls were insulated with spray PUR insulation.

The plumbers have started. First toilet installed!

The first week of October, the electrician will start (and finish). Once he’s done, the walls can be plastered. Once the walls have been plastered, the staircases can be installed. And once those have been installed, the scaffolding inside can go. And with the scaffolding gone, the floor downstairs can be finished. Once that is finished, work on the kitchen and all the inner walls, etc. can start.

Lots of different builders, all with their own schedules, so planning is somewhat difficult. I have to be patient and accept that there will be weeks with no changes at all.