Look! The scaffolding is gone!

This can mean only one thing: STAIRS!

The carpenter was planning on leaving without installing the stairs as he thought it would be impossible to fix them properly. I insisted they install the staircases. The moment the scaffolding was taken down, you could no longer reach the upper floors. So I needed those stairs desperately.

But in the end, it turned out well. The stairs are made out of rubberwood. Ecological.

So far only two staircases have been installed. I need a floor first on the ground floor before I can have the stairs installed.

Meanwhile in the DIY department:

My father and I put up a plywood wall for the meters, etc. so that the electrician can start next week. On the left you see the temporary electricity meter, the eventual one will be put up on that wall.

Today I finished insulating the floor. Two layers of 8cm.