Last week, they poured the concrete floor downstairs. That’s the actual finished floor. It needs to be cleaned of course but I have to wait a few weeks before using any cleaning products on it as it would damage to protective curing layer on top.

After pouring the concrete, they polish the floor and add the colouring. It may look pretty black right now, it’s actually a very dark gray.


And now that I have a floor downstairs, everything else can be finished. There’s still a whole lot to do for the carpenter. Drywall against the side walls, drywall against the roof, wooden floors on the other floors, doors, etc.

And by special request: more pics of the finished plasterwork.

No need to plaster around the doors as the door frames will cover that.

The plaster is actually sprayed on to the walls, then spread out evenly.

detail around the window.

Electricians and plumbers first cut into the wall, then it’s all plastered over.