The past week and half, there’s been quite a bit of activity on site.

First of all: putting up drywall on the side walls. This pic is from last week. The walls are now all done. It’s getting difficult to take decent pics as it’s nearly always dark by the time I can inspect the work.

Ceiling is also done

The structure is ready for the floor boards. This is where I’m deviating from how it’s usually done. Usually, about 6cm of screed is poured on top of the concrete floor (= type of light concrete) to cover all the piping and to create a flat surface. Tiles, wood, etc. is then installed on top. But because I like the way a traditional wooden floor sounds and behaves, I wanted a floating wooden floor. The technical room will have screed though as there are way too many pipes there.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the central block of cupboards has been installed. The block separates the kitchen from the hallway.  This is the kitchen side.

and this is the entryway side with coat closet, shoe closet, etc. This side is unfinished MDF at the moment. The plan is to either paint it or wallpaper it with a large photograph.