The house is slowly but surely starting to look finished. All the drywall is up, the doors have been installed, I have floors everywhere. Next week: bathroom tiles + electricity. Week after that: final plumbing. Then painting and ta dam…

And I got to take pics during daytime.

Let’s start at the top: main bedroom, looking towards to doors of the bathoom (left) en toilet (front)

You can’t really see the floors because of the white cardboard on top.

You can see part of the headrest behind the bed. I’m going to put lights in on the top, that’ll cast light onto the white wall. I’ll either paint or wallpaper it.

I have no pics of the second floor, but there’s not that much to see there, just floors and doors.

Let’s go down two flights of stairs

You can peek into the living room on the right. At the bottom, you can still see the temporary beams for the temporary floor that still hasn’t been removed. You pretty much have to crawl at the bottom of the steps in order to get underneath. Many have bumped their head. I suppose Rudi (one of the carpenters) must have hit his head several times.

“Watch out Rudi”

Same stairs, view from the bottom. I’m going to put TL lights in the steel beams. The wall on the right is going to be painted black from top to bottom.

View from the living room towards the stairs. With the back wall painted black, the contrast will be bigger.

Living room with IKEA bookcases built in (and my furniture piled up underneath old sheets)

A sneek peek of the floor underneath the white cardboard

And then down to the bottom floor. View towards the kitchen.

View towards the entrance

View from the entrance (the toilet needs a door)

View when you walk out the toilet

That’s it for now. The end is in sight.