This week the electrician finished the electrical installation. We still need to program the different ligth switches. Currently there’s one switch that switches all lights on or all lights off. With the home domotics system, you have to program the different switches so that they know what lights should go on or off. I think I’ll have a lot of fun with it. I’ll be able to use my iphone as well to switch lights on and off, to control the heating and ventilation. So I’ll be able to switch on the heating from a distance so that the house is nice and warm by the time I get home.

Home domotics means a lot of wires. This is just one out of two. The red box is for the photovoltaics. They’ll be connected on Monday so from then on they’ll finally start producing electricity.

Touch panel for the domotics system. I can control lights, heating, ventilation, etc. on this one panel. I have a second identical panel in the bathroom.

door post

And we started putting up a few lighting fixtures. This is in the kitchen. It’s a new type of TL lamp, with the fitting on the side of the lamp instead of at both ends. This way you can leave the lamp bare and get a straight line of light.

with the light switched on

so far we put just one TL light in each beam, for testing. Eventually, I’ll have lights along the whole length of the beams. But you can start seeing the effect of the lights in the beams. For the full effect, I must wait until I’ve put them all up and have removed the plastic and cardboard from the stairs.

finally, the bathroom is also starting to look half finished. I now have a bath, tiles have been put up (next week: floor of the shower + grouting)

and for a touch of zen in the bathroom: RGB LED lights!