I got to open so many boxes with new cool things in them this last week. Christmas came a week early (and I kind of have to pay for it all myself, but never mind). All my kitchen appliances were delivered this week: fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven, induction stove. Also have my new dryer (condensation as opposed to the old one which needed an air outlet). And then the plumber finished my bathroom. More boxes with taps, toilets and sinks.

Warning: all the following pics show an incredibly dirty house. Tomorrow’s the big clean-up. The black tiles will eventually look black.

Toilet downstairs

Toilet upstairs

Yes, I’ll have fun shopping for red and green toilet soap pumps, toilet brushes, towels, etc.

Shower,  matching the toilet seat.


Bathroom sink (mirror has been ordered + I plan on changing the white socket to a black one)

The snow on my skylight refuses to melt (that’s a good sign!).

technical room with heat pump boiler on the left (I have hot water, yay!) and gigantic ventilation unit on the right. You can’t really tell on the pic but it really is pretty huge (not yet connected, that’s one of the few things that still need to be done).

Then yesterday, the kitchen worktop was installed (composite stone). My father and I spent the last weekend putting together all the drawers for the kitchen cabinets (which will be used for more than just the kitchen). My father thinks it looks like a laboratory. But that’ll change when it’s got a more moved in look.

Kitchen sink

looooong worktop

view towards the kitchen area: the fronts/doors for the fridge, freezer and dishwasher still need to be installed. And my oven is currently resting on the floor.

finally, a few stair pics when we removed the cardboard from the stairs


move-in date: 26-12-2010!