I moved in the day after the Christmas. It’s still not finished but it’s good enough to live in.

Because people have been nagging…pic spam BP (=before paint)

View from the front door. Door on the left is the toilet. Notice there’s no door frame. No frame, no visible hinges, very expensive.

Turning right would take you to the kitchen, moving forward takes you to the dining room.


looking up from the dining room

so now we take the stairs to the 1st floor

Lights in the steel beams (the red thingie on the ceiling is a smoke detector)

as long as builders/painters/blumbers have to come to the house, I’m leaving the cardboard on the stairs

the stairs take us to the living room

same angle, different lighting

view towards dining area below

with the reflection in the window

and up we go to the 2nd floor. Peek into the living room from the stairs.

view from the top of the stairs

2nd floor (doors with door frames and visible hinges, not so expensive)

one of the two smaller rooms

and then up we go another flight of stairs to the top floor with the bathroom

no mirror yet, but I do have ducks!


For those who can’t read what it says: Tine thuis= Tine home. Tine slaapt= Tine asleep. I push the latter before going to bed and all lights in the house are switched off, ventilation goes to night speed, ditto for heating, stand by switches (for TV etc) are switched off.


next update: most likely AP